yeah new tunes for I HEART HIROSHIMA... and what you say... shows!

I HEART HIROSHIMA Spillin' the Light800px.jpg


The light pours out of thee... adding another dimension to the world of music they offered in their first life Matt, Sull & Cam drop some new sounds and new shows.

Always walking the edge of a chasm of togetherness... I HEART HIROSHIMA break like an intruder into the night with their emergence back playing after an extended time apart inhabiting different worlds. Teasing the possibilities with some jams earlier in 2016 when Sully returned from Berlin... subsequently lead into the more tangible: recording at Red Star with Dubzy from Blank Realm. The chasm since filled with life and experiences a new sensation rides high in the mix... and a new EP preceding a series of eventual such releases over the coming year.


Cover art courtesy of Samuel J Davidson.

featuring current theme tune: GLOW

Cruisin' garage pop glory possessed of I Heart's call/response vocals... all with that certain glow! Sweet.


And with light comes sound...

Spillin' live into 2017 with...


Plus guests...

Tickets from

FRIDAY 13 JAN - Melbourne, NGV Friday Nights

Info from

SATURDAY 21 JAN - Brisbane, GOMA 10

Free Entry... with plenty more where they come from!

Info from

SPILLIN' THE LIGHT out DEC 2 - on digital and eventually vinyl.

Also from Dec 2 available direct on bandcamp outlets listed below.

Always a ragged joy of guitars and drums... since their 2005 dawn they've strung their self-styled way through two eps - 3 Letter Word for Candy; Cut in Colour - and two albums - Tuff Teeth; The Rip - along with numerous tours and festivals around Australia, Europe and Asia. Guest tours with Conor Oberst, Ratatat, Gang of Four, Shonen Knife, The Rakes, Peaches, Maximo Park, The Mint Chicks, The Grates, Regurgitator and more... 

Matt, Cameron and Sull set the pace for a new tune of episodes.

IHH2016-7 bw800px.jpg

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I H E A R T H I R O S H I M A at BIG SOUND 2016

titleIBIS 800px.jpg

I  H E A R T   H I R O S H I M A  at BIG SOUND 2016

Welcome to all and any attending Brisbane for the annual Big Sound

Make for the super sweet spot at BS2016...


at BIG SOUND 2016


THE ZOO - 611 Ann St Fortitude Valley

onstage 10.30pm sharp for 30 mins of the unabashed

...they would love to see you there!

New tune on the block FIFTY THREE... has just found favour with a rotation add on Double J this week plus been floating around the 4ZZZ top 10 plays for the past weeks.

And this just tips the lid on a flock of great new material heading our way.

Check FIFTY THREE here:

Always walking the edge of a chasm of togetherness... I HEART HIROSHIMA break like an intruder into the night with their emergence back playing after an extended time apart inhabiting different worlds. Teasing the possibilities with some jams earlier this year when Sully returned from Berlin... subsequently lead into the more tangible: recording with Dubzy from Blank Realm; an impromptu performance for the 10th Anniversary of The Outpost - the chasm since filled with life and experiences.

Always a ragged joy of guitars and drums... since their 2005 dawn they've strung their self-styled way through two eps - 3 Letter Word for Candy; Cut in Colour - and two albums - Tuff Teeth; The Rip - along with numerous tours and festivals around Australia, Europe and Asia. Guest tours with Conor Oberst, Ratatat, Gang of Four, Shonen Knife, The Rakes, Peaches, Maximo Park, The Mint Chicks, The Grates, Regurgitator and more... 

Matt, Cameron and Sull set the pace for a new tune of episodes.

"To these ears, the result is a sound that's very "Brisbane": bright, trebly guitars with no effects pedals, strong pop melodies, unusual angles and lyrics and more going on beneath the surface than meets the eye, or ear. If you want to place it in a continuum of Brisbane music, it's the one that begins with The Go-Betweens debut, Send me a Lullaby." (Noel Mengel)

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IHH new zoo and tunes...

IHHflyer2 ZOO800px.jpg

With the recent announcement of their 2016 BIG SOUND slot comes the new tune FIFTY THREE... available through the IHH Bandcamp setup -

And blazing a nice trail through all of this - a great triple bill is now announced:


at THE ZOO with




plus guests TEVA

Tickets from

Always walking the edge of a chasm of togetherness... I HEART HIROSHIMA break like an intruder into the night with their emergence back playing after an extended time apart inhabiting different worlds. Teasing the possibilities with some jams earlier this year when Sully returned from Berlin... subsequently lead into the more tangible: recording with Dubbsy from Blank Realm; an impromptu performance for the 10th Anniversary of The Outpost - the chasm since filled with life and experiences.

Always a ragged joy of guitars and drums... since their 2005 dawn they've strung their self-styled way through two eps - 3 Letter Word for Candy; Cut in Colour - and two albums - Tuff Teeth; The Rip - along with numerous tours and festivals around Australia, Europe and Asia. Guest tours with Conor Oberst, Ratatat, Gang of Four, Shonen Knife, The Rakes, Peaches, Maximo Park, The Mint Chicks, The Grates, Regurgitator and more... 

Matt, Cameron and Sull set the pace for a new tune of episodes.

"To these ears, the result is a sound that's very "Brisbane": bright, trebly guitars with no effects pedals, strong pop melodies, unusual angles and lyrics and more going on beneath the surface than meets the eye, or ear. If you want to place it in a continuum of Brisbane music, it's the one that begins with The Go-Betweens debut, Send me a Lullaby." (Noel Mengel)


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So yeah here we go again... announced on BIG SOUND 2016 lineup.

Always walking the edge of a chasm of togetherness... I HEART HIROSHIMA break like an intruder into the night with their emergence back playing after an extended time apart inhabiting different worlds. Teasing the possibilities with some jams earlier this year when Sully returned from Berlin... subsequently lead into the more tangible: recording with Dubbsy from Blank Realm; an impromptu performance for the 10th Anniversary of The Outpost - the chasm since filled with life and experiences.

Always a ragged joy of guitars and drums... since their 2005 dawn they've strung their self-styled way through two eps - 3 Letter Word for Candy; Cut in Colour - and two albums - Tuff Teeth; The Rip - along with numerous tours and festivals around Australia, Europe and Asia. Guest tours with Conor Oberst, Ratatat, Gang of Four, Shonen Knife, The Rakes, Peaches, Maximo Park, The Mint Chicks, The Grates, Regurgitator and more... 

Matt, Cameron and Sull set the pace for a new tune of episodes.

Head here to check the new tune...

IHH2016-1a bw.jpg

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I HEART HIROSHIMA back on our beats this coming 2013

IHHjan2012small.jpgCounting down the beats...
I HEART HIROSHIMA make good of the call.

Matt, Susie & Cameron are all in for the free for all.
After years of drifting the streets following their 2011 tour with Gang of Four the gang returns at request from the Gold Coast Big Day Out.
Susie makes the trip back from Berlin where she has been working RODEO.
While Matt has had a recent solo release under the name RICK FIGHTS...
and Cameron has been doing the lateshift with his MARTYR PRIVATES.

Aside from I HEART HIROSHIMA playing at the Gold Coast BIG DAY OUT on JAN 20.
As an end of the year bonus they are now doing a second headline show at the ALHAMBRA LOUNGE on TUES 22 JAN.

Be there or shit ain't over until it's over... beating down the count.


consume/valve presents
plus guests
Tickets available from and Oztix outlets.

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RICK FIGHTS starts Fights in Brisbane

Launches Fights in Brisbane...

Cut out the 8th of December and throw away your calendar. The Primitive Room in Spring Hill hosts the launch of Rick Fights Fights, who will lead The Lost Fortune for the first time, supported by a ludicrous selection of local talent; Fig, Martyr Privates, Kitchen's Floor & Bust (Kahl Monticone).

There will also be a bunch of FIGHTS 10"s on sale at the show!

RICK FIGHTS launches Fights with the Lost Fortune
101 leichardt St Spring Hill


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RICK FIGHTS Fights out Sept 21

Thumbnail image for MGMbannerRICKFIGHTS.gifRICK FIGHTS

Rick Fights is Matt Somers from I Heart Hiroshima's shadow figure.
Rick Fights writes, fights and plays insular music about outward, imaginary and real humans.

RICK FIGHTS takes on the shadow world with a suitcase full of his debut release FIGHTS.
Seven new dark and broody tunes with lyrics that delve into crime, escape and misfortune available in preferred 10inch vinyl, plus CD and various digital avenues all through Valve/MGM on SEPT 21. The release also features guest appearances by Cam Hawes (Martyr Privates, Slug Guts, IHH), Michelle Brown (Feathers) and Innez Tulloch (Feathers, Tiny Spiders, Pastel Blaze).

As I Heart Hiroshima he has released two albums - Tuff Teef and The Rip; toured Australia, Europe, New Zealand... and even Vietnam and Cambodia. He is now taking his songwriting urges directly to himself... and to you. Influenced by artists like Brian Eno, Rowland S Howard, Nilsson, The Replacements and Bruce Springsteen... it's insular music about imaginary figures; take one person, one electric guitar, one technically overloaded amplifier and a great deal of nerves. After guest slots with the likes of AA Bondy, Mick Harvey, Kim Salmon, Aesop Rock, Kimya Dawson, Kitchen's Floor... don't be alarmed if it begins to make more noise.

"I Heart Hiroshima moonlighter Rick Fights looks like a young Rod Quantock and sounds like Nick Cave in his Murder Ballads era - dark narratives that leave long echoes behind." - Rave

"Opener Rick Fights, stepping out solo from his main act, I Heart Hiroshima, is definitely an interesting choice to open. With dark, lo-fi songs that remind slightly of Gareth Liddiard..." - 4ZZZ

Rick Fights... a shadow figure stringing dusky tales from gritty corners down shady back alleys.

RICK FIGHTS IMAGES available from here:

RICKS FIGHTS tour duties include:

Tickets from, phone 1300724867 from the venue or Corner Box Office 57 Swan Street, Richmond from 10am - 8pm Mon to Sat, and

Tickets from, 1300 GET TIX (438 849), on your mobile  moshtix outlets, and Oztix outlets.

FRIDAY 26 OCTOBER - PRADO UP LATE, Queensland Art Gallery
Tickets available through qtix or telephone 136 246


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: i heart hiroshima: washed up


I Heart Hiroshima

After nearly a year off the racket... Matt, Susie and Cameron reaffirmed the lost to stoke the fires outside and performed some much missed live shows amid the abandon and glare. Along with their sell-out show at Woodlands in Brisbane, the punchy Last Night endeavour at the Gaelic in Sydney, and a very healthy flock at Melbourne's NSC given it was the same night as Laneway... they played a series of shows with UK post-punk constructionists GANG OF FOUR concluding the voyage of the Andy Gill produced album The Rip.

Off the back of this convergence a recording of "Washed Up" has floated to the surface... available now online. In the dark corners, there grows something unknown... quiver.

Previous album THE RIP still available in a variety of portals including the European pressed vinyl edition. As well as being available for retail download from iTunes... the track is also downloadable for free from the new BANDCAMP site.

GANG OF FOUR FRI 25 FEB THE HIFI Brisbane: I Heart Hiroshima's recent flood benefit concert displayed them at their most ramshackle, but tonight they're as polished and tight as they ever were, knocking killer renditions of singles Shakeytown and River. They close with their famous cover of New Zealand band The Chills' Pink Frost, aptly dedicating it to the victims of Christchurch's earthquake. (RAVE MAG Chad Parkhill)

GANG OF FOUR WED 2 MAR THE CORNER: Brisbane band I Heart Hiroshima faced the challenge of following this burst of energy with their spindly, stripped-bare approach to songwriting. The fact that they managed to pull it off with great aplomb highlights the real strengths of this three-piece. With two guitars, drums, and a mixture of male and female voices in just about every song, IHH exhibited a decidedly skewed approach to constructing songs. Drummer Susie Patten was the focal point of the group, both visually and in her idiosyncratic playing style, which occasionally conjured memories of a young Rob Hirst. Meanwhile, the absence of bass actually helped to foreground the intricacies of the interweaving guitar lines. The lesson these guys have taken away from post-punk is a refusal to rock in the conventional sense, instead constructing dynamics beyond the strict four-four tempo and reliance on hooks of most pop music. A muscular interpretation of The Chills' kiwi cult classic 'Pink Frost' almost bettered the original. In the hands of IHH, the mopey, fungal amorphousness of the original suddenly grew feral and snarling, without losing any of its spine-tingling spookiness. (THE VINE Rene Schaefer)

GANG OF FOUR TUES 1 MAR GAELIC CLUB: But first there were two superb support sets that rewarded the punctual punter. Chinese trio Rebuilding the Rights of Statues played a confident selection that clearly owed a musical debt to the headliners (right up to the sorta cute/somewhat gauche cover of 'Damaged Goods', foreshadowing the headliner's finale), while I Heart Hiroshima made a very welcome return with a set of favourites including 'Shakeytown', 'Teef' and 'Punks', plus a cover of the Chills' magnificent 'Pink Frost' in tribute to the folks of Christchurch. Having Gang of Four's stuff set up behind them forced them to spread across the front of the stage, which worked strongly to their advantage given that the focus of the band remains the spirited drumming of Susie Patten. (TIME OUT Sydney, Andrew P Street)

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I Heart Hiroshima reaffirmed - new shows for 2011!


After nearly a year off the racket... Matt, Susie and Cameron reaffirm the lost to stoke the fires outside and perform some much missed live shows amid the abandon and glare. In the dark corners there grows something unknown... quiver.

JAN 29 - WOODLAND, Brisbane - Above the Waterline brisbane flood benefit

FEB 4 - LAST NIGHT, Gaelic Club, Sydney
plus Howl LIVE, Sampology, Surecut Kids,
Hump Day Project and Purple Sneakers DJs

FEB 5 - NSC, Melbourne
plus guests

Tickets available rather soon. Usual outlets.

Previous album THE RIP still available in a variety of portals including some Euro vinyl available at shows. NEW TRACKS RELEASED SOON.

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THE RIP in Europe this week.

Long time no story...

While Susie has been in New York and currently Berlin things have been on low mode. To heat things up a bit THE RIP is released on CD and vinyl this week by CARGO GERMANY in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands and Belgium... plus distributed in France by Differ'Ant music. See some initial reviews below.

We are currently sorting out a bunch of shows over the SEPT/OCT time period... more news very soon.
Upcoming and current Cargo Records releases
02.07.10 WOLF PARADE - "Expo '86" (Sub Pop)
02.07.10 HERE WE GO MAGIC - "Pigeons" (Secretly Canadian)
02.07.10 BETTY & THE WEREWOLVES - "Tea Time Favourites" (Damaged Goods)
09.07.10 DAMIEN JURADO - "Saint Bartlett" (Secretly Canadian)
16.07.10 CARISSA'S WEIRD - "They'll Only Miss You..." (Hardly Art)
23.07.10 THE BOOKS - "The Way Out" (Temporary Residence Limited)
23.07.10 I HEART HIROSHIMA - "The Rip" (Cargo Records)
23.07.10 APPLES IN STEREO - "Travellers In Space And Time" (Yep Roc)
23.07.10 WINDSOR FOR THE DERBY - "Against Love" (Secretly Canadian)
06.08.10 BEAR IN HEAVEN - "Beast Rest Forth Mouth" (Hometapes)
06.08.10 JAILL - "That's How We Burn" (Sub Pop)
13.08. 10 SUNE ROSE WAGNER - "Sune Rose Wagner" (Auditorium)
13.08.10 SIR PSYKO & HIS MONSTERS - "Reaperstale" (Crazy Love)
20.08.10 SOMEONE STILL LOVES YOU BORIS YELTSIN - "Let It Sway" (Polyvinyl)
20.08.10 HYPERNOVA - "Through The Chaos" (Narnack)
27.08.10 JOSH RITTER - "So Runs The World Away" (Pytheas)
27.08.10 COLISEUM - "House With A Curse" (Temporary Residence Limited)
27.08.10 DEAN & BRIITA - "13 Most Beautiful" (Double Feature)
03.09.10 ALLO DARLIN' - "Allo Darlin'" (Fortuna Pop)
03.09.10 PINEY GIR - "Jesus Wept"(Damaged Goods)
10.09.10 THE THERMALS - "Personal Life" (Kill Rock Stars)
10.09.10 THE PIPETTES - "Earth Vs. The Pipettes" (Fortuna Pop)
10.09.10 FABIENNE DELSOL - "On My Mind" (Damaged Goods)
17.09.10 THE VASELINES - "Sex With An X" (Sub Pop)
01.10.10 NO AGE - "Everything In Between" (Sub Pop)
15.10.10 KELLEY STOLTZ - "To Dreamers" (Sub Pop)

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New I HEART HIROSHIMA video thrown for RIVER

I heart hiroshima Developments...  

 While Susie is currently on expedition in New York enroute eventually to Berlin... and now making a visit to SXSW this coming week... 

Paul Rankin completed a second video for the track RIVER. It was shot before Susie's disembarkation and their great going-away-show at Brisbane Powerhouse in late Jan where they play both albums in their near completedness. Paul has pieced together another spirited visual interpretation drawing forth the pagan in a dark river forest. Online now and desecrating television shortly. 


THE RIP will be released in Europe on Cargo Germany in June. The album is now available in other territories online... and discussion is underway for a US album release. Shakeytown was picked up for US TV show The Deep End as well as new Brisbane film JUCY.
More news when it happens... 

 THE RIP out now on Valve. 

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Final show for a while aways...

I Heart Hiroshima final shows for some while aways...

2010 kicks off with a greatly appreciated sojourn for I Heart Hiroshima for rest, travel and song writing. After releasing their second album The Rip amid numerous tours including in late November some dates in Vietnam and Cambodia (see the Mess+Noise tour diary here), they capped off the year with much praised single Shakeytown scoring #1 spot in the 4ZZZ Top 100 ( and their version of The Chills Pink Frost coming in at  #4. As Susie departs for some overseas travel, and some eventual tour dates around the 2010 European release of The Rip they play two final shows here in home waters... the Gold Coast Big Day Out and favoured venue the Brisbane Powerhouse.

Words from our sponsor...

2009 has been a big year...actually the last four years have been incredibly busy for us.

We've played over 260 shows in 13 countries.....

Recorded and released 2 albums and 3 EP's.....

Played some amazing festivals and seen some phenomenal show and been lucky enough to play shows/tour with Ratatat, Peaches, Cat Power, The Rakes, Maximo Park, Conor Oberst and The Mystic Valley Band, Stereo Total, The Streets, Tricky, Rogers Sisters, Deerhoof, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah,The Grates and more that I can't remember...

All while maintaining a good inter-band friendship, drinking too much coffee (our hearts now pump caffeine not blood), living in Brisbane and working at our regular jobs.

E.P.I.C. Well, not really on the grand scheme of things, but the point is that we've accomplished a lot and we are really proud of the things we have achieved and we want to show you who are right now, from start to finish. So we are going to play all of our released material in order, kind of like a retrospective i guess!

Also, this will be the last show we will play for ?months? as Susie is headed overseas to travel the US then relocate to Berlin. The boys will join her in Germany at some stage to tour around Europe again.

So yes, if you like our band in any way shape or form this is it.......for the time being. A celebration and a goodbye all in one.

Playing the show also is Dick Diver from Melbourne - the super talented drummer/artist/celeb Steph Hughes also did the poster - and Brisbane's own Bigstrongbrute.

Hope to see you all there for a Sunday afternoon by the river. Ahh summer bliss

xxxx IHH

THE RIP and TUFF TEEF available now on Valve/MGM.

Essential stage onstage 11.30am
Playing with Tame Impala, Magic Dirt, Passion Pit, The Horrors, Devendra Bernhardt, Ladyhawke and Peaches.

4.00 - 8.00pm ALLAGES Last show for a while
2 x one hour sets covering both albums
Tickets from the Powerhouse Powertix, ph 33588600 and

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New album THE RIP out OCT 2 and album tour in OCT

New album The Rip out now.
 October Album launch tour more shows...
...Songs pull out to be replaced by Fire! Santa Rosa! Fire!

With the latest installment in this trail of construction about to flood the driest of lands I Heart Hiroshima will release their much agitated second album THE RIP on October 2. Swimming against the incessant currents they recorded the album early this year in the long grass of Runcorn with compatriot Mirko Vogel, before sailing to the distant shores of England to mix it all up back of lanes with Andy Gill (Gang of Four) in the much loved Beauchamp Building. First ship out of the dock Shakeytown has drawn the light of recognition and many a sailor will bless their saviour from the rocks.

Jon King from Gang of Four cites I Heart Hiroshima along with Kate Nash, Florence and the Machine, and Black Rebel Motorcyle club as "musicians he thinks are hitting the right note now". 

I Heart Hiroshima have also had an amazing past month with a great performances at Big Sound getting great raps from everyone who attended, being selected by Street Press Australia as best current up and coming Australian band and wining a trip to One Movement conference in mid OCT (courtesy of them). They also featured on the covers of all their Australian music magazines early September... Time Off, Drum Media, Inpress, and Drum Media Perth... as well as picking up single of the week on iTunes! They also had great sets at the Brisbane Powerhouse Frankly with Peaches in DJ mode, in Melbourne and Sydney with Shonen Knife and at Brisbane's Sounds of Spring... 

I Heart Hiroshima not only spent the first half of this year recording the new album, they also spent a few months based in London and did 40 shows across Europe playing with The Rakes, Maximo Park as well as performances at The Great Escape (where they got to see Gang of Four play a show before getting together with Andy to mix the album), Liverpool Sound City and the Dot to Dot festival among their own headline shows. 

The video for the first single SHAKEYTOWN (as made by debut videomaker Paul Rankin) was also released to the online world this week and has already conjured interest from German and US online tv as well as Vietnam festivals. Recently picked up "Indie Clip of the Week" on RAGE. Check it here... SHAKEYTOWN
THE RIP out OCT 2 
featuring Shakeytown, Got Out, Old Tree, River and more of your favourite shanties...

Now with special guests FIRE! SANTA ROSA, FIRE! (shows as noted)
Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire! have spent the past 2 years being the city of churches' best kept secret, playing enthusiastic and passionate shows supporting some of the best international and national touring acts around. Their brand of monolithic, angular rock evokes former glories of bands such as Pretty Girls Make Graves and Q & Not U, as well as current luminaries My Disco and Minus the Bear. Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire! also contains a pop-sensibility often relegated in today's vapid culture to mobile ringtones and one-hit wonders. Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire! (David Williams, Sam Stearne, Josh Flavel & Artyom Zinoviev)'s introduction to the Dot Dash/Remote Control Records stable, is the "War Coward" single/EP- 3 minutes of pitch-shifted, post-millennial tension, led by new singer/chanteuse Caitlin Duff.
Album tour - October2009
Doors: 4.00pm. Tickets: from the venue
Doors: 8.00pm. Plus guests WE ALL WANT TO and HEINZ REIGLER (Not From There)
Tickets: all OzTix outlets,, ph: 1300 762 545, &

Tickets: venue and usual outlets

Tickets on sale from Moshtix - details available at 
Doors: 9.00pm. Plus guests FIRE! SANTA ROSA, FIRE!
Tickets: all OzTix outlets,, ph: 1300 762 545, &
Doors: 8.30pm. Plus guests FIRE! SANTA ROSA, FIRE! and DIAMOND SEA
Tickets:, ph: 03 9486 1677, &
Doors: 8.00pm. Plus guests FIRE! SANTA ROSA, FIRE!
Tickets: (ph 8225 8888),, (ph 1300 762 545) & outlets

Doors: 8.00pm. Plus guests
Tickets: all OzTix outlets,, ph: 1300 762 545,
Doors: 7.30pm. Plus guests FIRE! SANTA ROSA, FIRE!
Tickets: (ph 1300 GET TIX),, 
(ph: 1300 762 545) & the venue
Doors: 7.30pm. Plus guests
Tickets: all OzTix outlets,, ph: 1300 762 545,, & at the venue. Ticket includes food
Doors: 6.00pm. Plus guests FIRE! SANTA ROSA, FIRE!, SONGS, WHERE'S JEROME 
and HEINZ REIGLER (Not From There)
Tickets: (ph 9550 1078), at the venue, all OzTix outlets,, 
ph: 1300 762 545, &

Doors: 8.00pm. Plus guests
Tickets: Moshtix and the venue.

Doors: 9.00pm. Plus guests
Tickets: venue, OzTix outlets,, ph: 1300 762 545, &

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Eyes and ears of the world unite!

Around about the beginning of August I Heart Hiroshima took to making a third music video for the first single "Shakeytown" from our new album "The Rip" out on Oct 2nd with the help of our super talented friend Paul Rankin, along with camera virtuoso Paul Broadhurst and Jesse Hawkins.

We kind of underestimated the amount of time and effort that this would entale, much like "too much gum!" or "fantales in winter" or "can too!". Either way, you know what i mean.

A (giant) miniature city was handcrafted by the band and crew in the Nine Lives Gallery in Brisbane. Toy cars and real cars were picked out. We hung the stars in the sky. Then one night we all drove out to the highway for some extra-tough laps. Paul sweated all over it to make it extra juicy and we got the end result. We're calling it "super good".

Also want to thank our manager Paul, my brother James, the "owner of a lonely car" Alan, and most of all, every single one of the nine Nine Lives.

So here it is! Why aren't you watching it?



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Okay things are hotting up in the UK for I Heart Hiroshima as summer comes to swing it warm wings over all... and new EP Friends with Swords with singles from Tuff Teef Got Bones and Crime is grabbing plenty of hot fun.

So with love and ease we ask for you easy love to vote for us here....

'Got Bones' is up for the Rebel Playlist this week on Steve Lamacq's 6 Music show. The feature pits three songs against each other in a public vote with the winning track receiving a play from each daytime show the following week. This would be fantatstic to get and if you could get everyone you know to click on the link below to vote for it that would be great. The voting has started already and closes midnight on Sunday. Regular myspace bulletins, facebook updates and all that stuff would help greatly, we'll get everyone to vote our end too! - scroll to the bottom of the page to vote.

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IHH supports Skateistan

I Heart Hiroshima are stoked to spread the word about Skateistan; Afghanistan's first dedicated skateboard school which aims to breakdown social, ethnic and gender barriers through the art of skateboarding".

Check it out dudes!!!

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Earlier this month Susie, Matt & Cameron boarded flight SQ326 bound for Frankfurt to start an absolute thrilling spree of shows across Europe and the UK...

So far they have found themselves swept up by adoring crowds In Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, France and Netherlands, selling large amounts of CDs and shirts at all shows... and earning the praise of their generous hosts THE RAKES.
Brisbane's I Heart Hiroshima now fill their weeks up with more shows in the UK after the Euro dates with The Rakes with their first on Saturday past in THE HOPE at THE GREAT ESCAPE . 

In the meantime I Heart Hiroshima are making more friends picking up a return set of European dates with MAXIMO PARK... plus more dates in Germany, Holland, France and the UK.

As they travel on their merry way through this new uncharted territory witness their travelogue as revealed on the tour blospot -

During this time Andy Gill will be mixing their next album in London aiming for a September release... the guys have had the great fortune to witness Gang of Four play at The Great Escape on the weekend in Brighton. In the meantime new single Crime/Got Bones makes its place on UK radio waves...

EURO/UK TOUR exploits continues...

SAT 16 MAY - THE GREAT ESCAPE Brighton, UK "Artrocker showcase" 

SUN 17 MAY - VERA Groningen, The Netherlands with The Rakes
MON 18 MAY - MELKWEG Amsterdam, The Netherlands with The Rakes

THUR 21 MAY - UK, London, Camden Barfly 
FRI 22 MAY - UK, Liverpool, Bumper - Liverpool Sound City
SAT 23 MAY - UK, Bristol - Dot To Dot Festival 
SUN 24 MAY - UK, Nottingham - Dot To Dot Festival
MON 25 MAY - UK, Glasgow, Twisted Wheel 
TUES 26 MAY - UK, Manchester, Night & Day 

MON 1 JUNE - LE CARGO CLUB, Caen, France with Maximo Park
TUES 2 JUNE - LA TRABENDO, Paris, France with Maximo Park
WED 3 JUNE - MAGAZZINI GENERALO, Milan, Italy with Maximo Park, 
FRI 5 JUNE - FRI-SON, Fribourg, Switzerland with Maximo Park
SAT 6 JUNE - KOFMEHL, Solothurn, Switzerland with Maximo Park

TUES 9 JUNE - venue tba, Munster, Germany with Gregory and the Hawk
WED 10 JUNE - MOLOTOW, Hamburg, Germany
THUR 11 JUNE - MAGNET, Berlin, Germany
SAT 13 JUNE - ROTOWN, Rotterdam, Holland
TUES 16 JUNE - BPM, Nantes, France
WED 17 JUNE - 1929, Rennes, France

TUFF TEEF out in the UK on Valve/Weatherbox.
PINK FROST available on iTunes now.
Tour compile EP FRIENDS WITH SWORDS also available.

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Gent, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and Stuttgart

Welcome to our tour blog! This is a place where you can feel like you can hug us even though we are really far away.

We landed in Frankfurt on Friday night with no hassles and left the next morning in our turbo-awesome-super-box Van en route to Belgium to a) pick up gear and b) to hang with our tour managers buddy Chris. Driving in Germany is fucking weird at have to get used to driving on the right hand side of the road and then you have to comprehend going 150km/hr on the Autobahn and still have crazy people fly past you. It took a lot of getting used to. The journeys have been really nice; short and picturesque. Here is a sweet photo I took from the van:


Gent is a really fucking cool city. When we got there it felt like everyone was just hanging out, at bars, or in coffee shops around the castle, walking their dogs along the river or chilling in a guided tour boat. That night we went to the craziest bar..........there were 250 types of beers that it sold, one of which was called Quacks. It was served in the most horrendously massive glass and in order to collect you drink you needed to hand over a collateral. 


Apparently a lot of glasses go missing. Drinking ONE of these made us all very fuzzy and made us need beds stat.

The next day we drove to Dusseldorf to play our first show at a club called "Zakk". We met The Rakes all of whom we're lovely, dressed well and smelt like roses on a Spring morning. They have this bad-ass tour bus which we are very jealous of....I haven't taken a photo yet but I will. They asked us where our tourbus was....we shrugged and looked at the ground coyly. 

The show was really fun and the crowd receptive. As you may know, I talk a lot of nonsense in between songs at shows, and I was scared that I didn't have this security blanket on this tour as noone would understand me, but so far people have understood us for the most part. That night we stayed with two rad girls Kristina and Doro. We met them through the wonderful world of really is a place for friends. We listened to Telepathe, Hate Rock and Handsome Furs while drinking some highly recommended Dream Tea. It was a blissful night and we were so lucky to meet such lovely ladies (esp. me because being around boys all the time can be hard work).

The next day was back to Frankfurt where we played in Batschkapp. We played on a stage that had some pretty crazy predecessors: The Gun Club, Jesus & Mary Chain, Nirvana and our hometown legends The Go-Betweens to name a few. The show was amazing! We sparked TWO circle pits......TWO! I don't even know how that happened! We even had a german heckler = best! After the show our host took us to a bar in downtown Frankfurt, the inhouse DJ was amazing and super cliche, he was complete with beret and played the strangest array of music ranging from Midnight Oil to The Bloodhound gang. We stayed at a rad loft apartment with our new friend Annika and slept off our groggy heads.

this is too long isn't it? I've never been good at editing.

Last night was Stuttgart in this fucking awesome underground venue called "Rohre". It was made up of all these crazy tunnels and was really damp and weird. Our manager had told us that when he was there in the nineties with Regurgitator a bunch of kids took too much acid and ecstacy and got lost in the maze of tunnels! We played it safe and layed of the hallucinogens. 

Ok this will do for now. We will write again soon......i'll get the boys to do a blog or two so you don't get bored with my inane ramblings, k?

Big lurve.

Susie IHH

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IHH 3 go on Thrilling Spree of Shows in UK!


I HEART HIROSHIMA meets the United Kingdom in a thrilling spree of shows!

Brisbane's I Heart Hiroshima fill their weeks up with more shows in the UK after the Euro dates with The Rakes. Sparked off after a near riot at Rics midnight on Good Friday, the threesome made a run for it announcing more UK shows in a wanton display of gratitude. Before their dis-embarkment in late April though... 2 more nights of audience massacre at RICS this Friday and next... playing treats from the brand new second album due out after returning from Europa later this year. More UK and Euopean fare to come soon as.

Thu 21 May UK, London, Barfly 
Sat 23 May UK, Bristol - Dot To Dot Festival 
Sun 24 May UK, Nottingham - Dot To Dot Festival
Mon 25 May UK, Glasgow, Twisted Wheel 
Tue 26 May UK, Manchester, Night & Day 

Also Pink Frost took a stumble of overloaded downloads at iTunes but link to earth should be re-established by the morrow. Stay calm.

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iTunes, three J's and Twit.....what?

Three things:

We heard of this whack new fandangle internet service called Twitter and all these 16 year olds said that we couldn't be cool unless we have one so, naturally, we followed their advice. So here we are on Twitter

Our lovely pals over at Triple J's Home and Hosed have written a sweet little blog about us and all of our goings on right here. Aww cheers palz

 Also, our cover of The Chills' song "Pink Frost" is now available as an iTunes download for most places in the world.......except the UK - it will be available to you guys in the coming months though so plz don't fret.
 Ch-ch-check it out. I think it is even on the "whats hot" section of the Australian iTunes, this is really saying something. We have been taking tips of how to be hot from some hip young things like Gabriella Cilmi, Zach Efron and Jonas Brothers. Shit has clearly paid off.

Download Pink Frost on iTunes HERE!

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We are very excited to announce our European tour with The Rakes!!!! We will be scooting back to the Uk to play Brighton's Great Escape Festival mid tour before finishing of our dates with the Rakes dudes in Holland. Stay stuned for more dates to be added in Europe and our own UK shows




Sun 3 Germany, Dusseldorf, Zakk with The Rakes
Mon 4 Germany, Frankfurt, Batschkapp with The Rakes
Tue 5 Germany, Stuttgart, Rohre with The Rakes
Wed 6 Switzerland, Zurich, Abart with The Rakes
Fri 8 Italy, Bologne, Covo Club with The Rakes
Sat 9 Austria, Linz, Posthof with The Rakes
Sun 10 Germany, Munich, Backstage Hall with The Rakes
Tue 12 France, Toulouse, Bikini with The Rakes
Wed 13 France, Paris, Elysee Montmartre with The Rakes
Thu 14 France, Tourcoing, Grand Mix with The Rakes
Fri 15 France, Strasbourg, Laiterie with The Rakes
Sat 16 UK, Brighton, Great Escape Festival
Sun 17 Holland, Groningen, Vera with The Rakes
Mon 18 Holland, Amsterdam, Melkweg with The Rakes

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l_f23959f3103541639a3a37476229b0f8.jpgLast gigs before Overseas tour!

10th, 17th and 24th April at Ric's. See you there!

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Ok, so I Heart Hiroshima is going to the UK in late April till June to play heaps o' shows and hang out!

We are looking for places to stay in London to save some cashola......if you know of anything that might be suitable for one, two or three of us for any period of time please let us know!!

you can email us here:

we start recording the new album next week and we can't wait for you to hear it

love luff love

love from susie, matt and cam

IHH x x

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I hear new horizons... after stand out performances on Sunset Sounds Brisbane Riverstage with Santogold, The Grates&Franz Ferdinand; then the Big Day Out in Sydney and the Gold Coast, a special theatrical indulgence at the Roundhouse for the launch of the 2009 La Boite season; and a offer to play with The Streets last week at Tivoli... Susie, Matt & Cameron squeeze into a local house studio for the next month to lay down a bunch of tracks for their second album outing... subject to an overseas mixing once tracked and ready (more on that later). 

They have also been invited by Artrocker to play The Great Escape in Brighton on the back of all the recent UK interest on radio, in the media, from record labels, and tour promoters... and along with a minor London relocation on the cards will be a stopover to play some Italian dates at the request of an Italian promoter who is a fan of the band's first album... but before this series of episodes IHH will make a quick stop here and there to build up the coffers for all this sweet sweet travelin...

FRI MAR 6 - WOOMBYE PUB, Sunshine Coast 
3 Blackall St Woombye (opposite Woombye Train Station) Doors 8pm
With specials friends JOE LALLY (from the incredible Fugazi) and local up and comers DZ.

SAT MAR 7 - THE ZOO, Brisbane
Tickets from Rocking Horse and usual Oztix outlets. Doors 8pm. With specials friends local up and comers DZ and GOOD GOD


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"I HEART HIROSHIMA will bring their effervescent musical hurricane to the BIG DAY OUT in 2009.  This Brisbane three piece of two guitarists and a drummer emerged from a series of audacious house parties in Bris-vegas and in 2007 released their debut album Tuff Teef.  Wear your heart on your sleeve with I HEART HIROSHIMA as they serve up a sonic layer cake of pop punk deliciousness at BDO!"

Gold Coast Big Day Out, January 18th


Sydney Big Day Out, January 23rd


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'Punks' is in the running for the Rebel Playlist on Steve Lamacq's show on BBC 6 Music. If we win we'll be played across the station all next week. So we need as many people as possible to get online and vote from 6.15pm UK time today. 

So get on down to Steve's page and scroll down to the bottom of the page to vote: 

Lets turn London town into a love of Punks!

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Susie Djing tonight..

FUCK YEAH. Expect B.I.G, Phil Collins, Martha + The Muffins, Womack + Womack, Pet Shop Boys, Hendrix, Boney-M.....etc etc etc. Let's party. Spod. Bear Attack. Jack Shit (syd). Maximum Blade (yours truly).


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