Tuff Teef (Valve 2007)

Thumbnail image for ihearthirsohimatuffteefnz1.jpgBrisbane band I HEART HIROSHIMA break and enter your heart with the debut album brilliance of Tuff Teef. After clenched teeth, flexed fingers and insisted patience, the album was recorded by Jonboyrock in Sydney at Megaphon, mixed at Velvet Sounds, mastered in New York and reaches back through a musical lineage that starts with The Go-Betweens. Features single Punks. The sound of breaking chairs and stealing hearts.

"If this emerging Brisbane three piece sounded any more like garage rock the CD would come with scratch 'n' sniff exhaust fumes. But after the initial feeling that they cannot be serious the whole enterprise does begin to grow on you. The two guitars, one drummer no bass player and vocals shared between all three of them concept does actually come up with something different. Single Punks is a good way in but it's best to view it as a whole - or at least reach Throw That Metal."(BLACKPOOL GAZETTE)

"With a name like I heart Hiroshima and sketches of men with chainsaws and bloody teeth adoring the cover, you may assume Tuff Teef to be an album of anger and inaudible shouting. The reality is however a quirky collection of songs, that feature the sweetest of female vocals and a chirpy collaboration of drums and guitars. This is a strange form of alternative music from Australia. It's brilliant, it's bizarre and you'll discover that sings with names such as Lungs can be both moving and beautiul." (HULL FIRE)

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